DJ Bliss

Music makes the world go round

Music can make or break a party, which is why we needed to find the best DJ for our Celebration of Arab Glamour and Success in Dubai. It was our first event in Dubai so it took some effort to find the DJ that would get our party rocking! After several trials, we settled on DJ Bliss and he did not disappoint! Emirati DJ Bliss knew how to read the room and choose the music that would get the crowd moving with his beats. Our wonderful DJ kept the music pumping and was a big part of the success of our fun celebration. Our guests really loved the vibe and were dancing and swaying to his tunes through the night.

DJ Bliss always loved music and was DJ-ing when he was still in school. He quickly discovered that being “the DJ” at parties gave him the coveted distinction of being the “cool” guy among his classmates. He became “the man to go to” when anyone was planning a party and he loved that! “I started out wanting to be cool and to impress my friends,” he recalls. “Then I discovered how much fun it was, so I wanted to do it professionally. I didn’t even realise when the transition from DJing as a hobby to making it my profession, actually happened. I just started getting actual gigs, and I was so happy with this line of work,” he adds.

As expected, there was some resistance from his family. “My parents weren’t very pleased, of course, because this job isn’t usually what parents want their kids to do. They were just looking out for me, and I appreciate that. Fortunately, it didn’t take them a long time to come around. That was after they saw how successful I was and how being a DJ was really working for me!” he exclaims.

Playing every gig that came his way, DJ Bliss became a staple in the Emirati DJ scene. His social media following grew, and he went on to expand his reach further through YouTube. However, he recently reached the most important milestone in his career when he performed at Expo2020 on his own set. “It was so special performing at such an upscale event at Expo2020, where the audience came just to see me perform! They were all people familiar with my work. It was also exceptionally special because my parents were there to see it!” he proudly recalls.

Looking ahead, he exclaims, “I really want to go abroad and perform all over the world. My end goal is to put the Emirati DJ scene on the map and have people swear by it!”