Coldwell Banker Experts

A Real Estate Success Story

Coldwell Banker Experts was created as a branch off of Coldwell Banker Egypt in 2023 by dynamic team members, Osama Soubeih, Rehab El Sawy & Hesham Ashry, who started off as agents, then rose all the way up to business partners who took the initiative of redefining the real estate industry. The wide variety of services provided by Coldwell Banker Experts includes real estate portfolio management; connecting clients with residential, commercial, and vacation house options; and resale support across Egypt’s main districts. To get greater exposure, eniGma magazine sat down with the founders to gain a valuable glimpse of the success story of Coldwell Banker Experts.

The CEO of Coldwell Banker Experts, Osama Soubeih, explained the scope of the various services that the company provides: “We offer a complete set of services related to all real estate affairs such as supporting clients in the premises selection process, as Coldwell Banker Experts provides a large number of options present in the majority of Egyptian residential compounds. Moreover, we provide real estate portfolio management, supporting resale in a set timeframe, upgrading or downgrading based on specific requirements, and advisory on options for apartment finishing works. However, the element which really distinguishes Coldwell Banker Experts is that any advice given is based on knowledge and experience extending from a background of over 15 years of experience in the market, which is considered to be significant when compared with similar firms. Our results say it all: Coldwell Banker Experts’ team achieved 1.25 billion EGP in 2023 divided into 500 million EGP with Coldwell Egypt and 750 million EGP with Coldwell Banker Experts.”

“The client’s satisfaction after the transaction is the true measure of success”

Furthermore, Coldwell Banker Experts gives a lot of attention to the development of its employees in the process of reaching success. The CCO of Coldwell Banker Experts, Rehab El Sawy elaborated, “We are very keen on the transfer of our skills and knowledge to our employees, making sure that they go through training sessions and courses to develop their capabilities. So, there are many opportunities that we do provide for self-development while being flexible and open to employees implementing their own ideas, making sure that they feel happy and ready to cooperate with each other. This is the element which will make a real difference down the line compared to numerous companies in the market, as the employees will reach optimum productivity. We hope to achieve sales figures of 4 billion EGP in 2024 and 10 billion EGP in 2029 utilising our current staff with a few minor additions.”

The satisfaction of the client after the transaction is a main priority for Coldwell Banker Experts. Vice President Hesham Ashry clarified, “The extent of satisfaction of the client after finalising the deal is the true measure of success, which has a greater weight for us than the numerical figures achieved. What matters is the sales percentage that can be identified as content clients. Moreover, the purchasing activity at the Egyptian real estate market shows that this is the perfect time to make a move. As a result of the world class facilties provided in new residential compounds and the rapid increase in prices, which makes it a safe investment especially if you want to rent it and generate running income.”

If you have a real estate decision to make, don’t hesitate to call Coldwell Banker Experts at +201207222221.