Chubz Bakery is a Los-Angeles based online bakery with a wide array of both Western and Middle Eastern baked goods and desserts, using only high-quality ingredients. That is why we were thrilled to serve our illustrious guests at eniGma’s 9th Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success in Beverly Hills their delicious, beautiful cookies and desserts. Chubz Bakery was founded by Hanan Aboabdo, or CHUBZ as she is known. She is an American of Palestinian-Brazilian descent and was raised in California, hence her bakery’s richly varied offerings. eniGma’s Farida Elserty had the chance to chat virtually with Aboabdo to learn more about her successful bakery and her vision for its future.

The road to success was not easy for Hanan Aboabdo. A day after beginning her last semester studying Sociology in college, she and her father got into a bad car accident that changed the course of her life. Due to the accident she had to take the semester off and then started working as a makeup artist and fashion designer. She also started to bake for fun at her house. In 2015, she decided to turn her love of baking to a business.

“I make wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and customised cakes for celebrities, as well as a wide variety of cookies. I also make Arabic desserts. My most popular flavour is the world-famous Konafa cake,” says Aboabdo.

Chubz Bakery offers its clients a large variety of delicious options made with high-quality ingredients and no preservatives at all. “I spend a lot of time and money to make sure that everything I make is on point, no matter what,” she says, adding, “My favourite part of the job is when someone takes a bite from my bakeries and says that it’s the best thing they have ever had.”

For Aboabdo, hiring people with the same vision as herelf was the most challenging part of her business. “However, it was beneficial in the end, and they helped me grow,” she explains.

When asked which of the events she’s worked on are closest to her heart, two events come to Aboabdo’s mind: Aliana’s Listening Party in Hollywood and Bad Bunny’s concert in SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. She also loved eniGma’s 9th Celebration of Arab Glamour & Success in Beverly Hills, “I loved the event so much, and it made me happy to see Mohamed Hadid taking a picture with one of my cookies. It was a dream come true,” she says happily.

As a business owner, Aboabdo defines success as the ability to make a living doing something you love. She also stresses that with success it is important to give back and to help people who cannot help themselves.

Looking ahead, after baking at her home for five years and in a private kitchen for two years, Aboabdo hopes to open her storefront bakery someday. She also looks forward to opening franchises for her best-seller, Lotus Biscoff Cookie Sandwiches, worldwide.