Celebs’ Secrets for Anti-Ageing

They say the stars are full of secrets, and Hollywood stars are no exception. Wouldn’t you like to know the secret behind what seems like their eternal fountain of youth? How do they manage to stay looking so good and so young? Here’s a peek at a few of their secret formulas to staying young.


Paul Rudd











While some are convinced that preserving their youth entails rigorous regimens, including regular workouts complimented with a wholesome diet, not this star, it seems.  Rudd, who is past 50 and looks like he’s 30, hasn’t changed since his Clueless days, 25 years ago. Some may say he’s been stuck in the quantum realm for the past two decades, a la his role in Ant-Man.

His secret: When the actor was asked about his secret to preserving his uncanny youthful appearance, he responded, “I’m 80 years old on the inside. In here, pure darkness. And a little moisturiser.” It appears a cheery demeanor and a little moisturiser really do work wonders!


Jennifer Lopez










With some 20 years between making her official debut at the Grammys in 2000, and closing Versace’s Spring 2020 show at Milan Fashion Week, the actress, singer and businesswoman has gone through many changes; but a less youthful look is not one. J.Lo might currently stand at 50 years old, but don’t be fooled by her age, she’s still the same Jenny from the Block. It appears that even bearing and raising twins hasn’t made a dent in her ageless beauty.

Secret: J. Lo has made no secret of her solemn dedication to preserving her beauty, flaunting her glowing skin and gym body. She takes “no days off,” does not “drink, smoke, or have caffeine,” and is loud about using “glycolic acid to get that healthy glow and clear skin.” She also always takes her makeup off before going to bed, uses copious amounts of SPF, and tries not to stay out in the sun for too long. Then, there is meditation and a good night’s sleep. She also eats her veggies and keeps herself well hydrated.


John Legend






Singer-songwriter, EGOT winner and father of Luna and Miles, John legend is not as young as he may put on. Ever since the Ordinary People singer sacrificed his whiskers, it seems that he is in the bloom of youth once more, at 40 years old.

Secret: Officially named 2019’s People’s Sexiest Man Alive, John Legend revealed that his go-to breakfast is “eggs and a salad and maybe a piece of whole grain toast.” He says that he has a salad for every meal. He also likes to “run or walk” or do something to keep his blood flowing and get him energised for the day. That, and being married to Chrissy Teigen, should keep any man looking young.


Halle Berry








“For three she plays, for three she strays and for the last three she stays,” that is the slightly paraphrased ancient proverb relating to cats and their nine lives. For Halle Berry it is no different. Having played the dangerously provocative, eponymous anti-hero, Catwoman, 53 year old Berry is beyond doubt blessed with feline vitality.

Secret: Revealing her secret to anti-aging, Halle took to Instagram with a picture of herself in a bikini and a face mask, captioned, “Treat Ya Self Tuesday – When in doubt, face masks are EVERYTHING. I personally love @olgalorencinskincare’s ageless mask – what do you guys use??” Apart from that, Berry is committed to a rigorous workout regimen with a lot of MMA-inspired cardio and follows the keto diet, which helps her manage her diabetes.


Jared Leto









Rock star and actor Jared Leto certainly takes that rock n roll living to heart. Living on the edge -quite literally- with his hiking antics and jumping off boats, the actor, who is 47 years old, does not appear to hold back from being caught Up in the Air.

Secret: Leto champions the vegan diet as the source of his enduring ‘shredded’ physique; that and the fact that he is ‘straight-edge,’ which is rock and roll for not drinking or using any drugs. He also enjoys a hike here and there, with some mountain climbing as well. He also follows a cool workout program with dedication – a 20-minute warm up on his bike, then a bunch of pushups, pull-ups and sit-ups to get his muscles ready to go.


Sandra Bullock












Some may argue that funny woman Sandra Bullock’s free spirit is what keeps her looking young at the age of 55, but there is, in fact, more to the story. Though the Gravity star abides by the more conventional ways of safeguarding her health, it is perhaps her more outlandish ways that give her an edge.

Secret: Though she works out religiously, also enjoying some yoga and Pilates, the actress has overtly credited the ‘facial’, Hollywood EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), as the reason for her ageless appearance.


Jennifer Aniston






Hearty, loved and lovely, even though the beloved “Rachel Green” of Friends fame may no longer be Hollywood’s highest paid actress, she seems at the pinnacle of her beautiful look.

Secret: Jen is known for keeping fit by way of her workout program, while her secret for flawless skin and magical glow is to keep hydrated and maintain a healthy diet. She also credits “loving yourself and what you’ve been given” as another reason, while also crediting sufficient sleep. She has also praised her father, who is 100% Greek, with passing on his great genes to her. According to her, he is 81, and has not a single wrinkle. Neither did her grandmother when she passed at age 95.


Liv Tyler











Having surrendered her immortality on-screen, the daughter of lead Aerosmith singer, Steven Tyler has preserved her beauty off-screen.

Secret: At age 42, the actress credits her workouts for her health and beauty. Liv also credits exfoliating and the use of anti-aging products for her glowing and smooth skin. Like her fellow ageless stars, she credits good sleep and a lot of water as two major factors behind good skin. She also drinks a lot of green juice, containing celery, cucumber, a little apple and spinach or kale.


Gwyneth Paltrow










The 47 year-old Shakespeare in Love beautifully preserved actress credits veganism and fitness as her wellness treatment.

Secret: Gwyneth tends to go for more specific approaches. Preferring mineral sunscreens than chemical-based ones, she uses a zinc-based sunscreen. She also does not wear much makeup; and has a facial every day. She also enjoys a nightly bath with a lot of scrubs to relieve her of daily stress. Dubbing sweat as an important foundation for her skincare routine, her workout is also integral in her beauty regimen.  While Gwyneth claims to be unable to diet, according to her former chef, she strictly avoids sugars and dairy, and eats a lot of vegetables. In fact, the chef also says about her family, “They eat nothing.”


Keanu Reeves







After years of speculation, it is said that the 55 year-old youngster’s appearance is attributed to good genes. Could that be the only reason behind his youthful good looks?

Secret: Known for his modest style of living, having been caught on the subway more than once, credit for the actor’s youthful looks seem to go to an insane training regimen, eating healthy and keeping hydrated. He does not allow himself to overindulge in foods and eats in small portions. He is also not a habitual drinker.


Demi Moore










With her daughters between the ages of 25 and 31, 56 year-old G.I. Jane actress, Demi Moore, may be mistaken for their slightly older sister.

Secret: For Demi, it is all about moisturising. “No matter how late it is, when I get home, I take the time to clean and moisturise my face,” she reveals. She also did a master cleanse diet, ditching food and only drinking a bunch of concoctions of purified water, lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. She also credits cryotherapy and nonsurgical skin tightening. Leech therapy was also part of a treatment she was doing.


Cindy Crawford





Years ago, Crawford used to walk down the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show laced in bedazzling lingerie, flaunting her arresting figure. Today, she flaunts that same arresting figure with the street as her runway.

Secret: Crawford’s workout is far from an ordinary one; she gets on a trampoline to get her heart rate up and then takes pole-dance classes to stay fit. Her routine is made up of a lot of cardio, and just as much weight training. Having worked on a skincare line with anti-aging specialist, Jean-Louis Sebagh, she says daytime is the time to protect your skin, and nighttime to restore it. Crawford is a big fan of serums and has created her own product, which is her favourite, of course. She also makes a point of cleaning her skin really well, using a triple exfoliator. Finally, though she is not overly strict with her diet, she tries to eat well, starting her day off with a cup of green tea followed by a really good breakfast. She has also cited protein shakes as part of her beauty routine.