“At the tip of the island, lies a cradle of creativity and hospitality. illuminated by the glow of the river of knowledge, on the banks of the Nile.” – Mohamed Fares

BIOTA is defined as the animal and plant life of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.

Reflecting the concept of inclusivity imbued in the meaning of the word, Biota is the name that’s been chosen for the exciting new social hub being built on the banks of the Nile, in Zamalek’s picturesque north end. Designed by the creative powerhouse, Alchemy, led by its chief designer, Mohamed Fares, in collaboration with Alchemy’s branding entity, M’OR Branding, the story of Biota has been carefully articulated and brought to life.

Biota is redefining the local social narrative by providing a variety of activities that satisfy a plethora of tastes and preferences, uniting everyone under one roof. When completed, the interactive and collaborative space will house three different dining outlets, a fitness center, a hair salon, a pop-up store and an arts space. “The venue is designed to be a full-fledged lifestyle complex that forges a balance between three elements, Kitchen, Art and Social,” Fares tells us.

By placing the name Biota atop the main entrance in big, bright calligraphy, Fares sets the tone for the space inside even before you enter. Once you step inside, you find yourself on a bridge along the riverbank that takes you into the heart of Biota’s hub. Infused with hints of marble, wood, glass and steel, the hub is a space that exudes a casual sophistication. “I chose a light structure for the design as I didn’t want to disturb the existing ecosystem of the location,” he explains. The simplicity of the design serves as a chance to showcase the majestic Nile as it surrounds Biota. The space is also tastefully imbued with foliage and greenery, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor seating.

Beeja, a contemporary dining concept and the main outlet of the complex, opened last month to rave reviews. Inspired by the Beeja, a North African tribe known for their inclusion of diverse ethnicities, the restaurant is centered around the concept of sharing and inclusiveness through its focus on shareable regional dishes, with a delightful twist.

After the much-deserved buzz that Beeja has generated, Cairenes are eagerly awaiting the launch of Maat, the second dining concept in line to open in Biota. According to Fares, Maat, named after the ancient Egyptian goddess of truth, will be launching sooner than people think. So stay tuned, as Biota continues to come to life one venue at a time!