The SS 2019 runways have proved that brows aren’t shying away any time soon, in fact they’re just getting bolder!

At the Jil Sander show, brows were big and bold and make up was natural

The good thing is that this look is for anyone and easy to achieve. Thinner brows will appear fuller and fluffier, while thicker brows will look softer and more natural.

Moschino models matched bold brows with bold lips

How to get bold brows using make-up

  1. Outline your brow with an eyebrow pencil by drawing a line underneath your brow.
  2. Use the same pencil to fill in sparse areas with small hair-like strokes.
  3. Define the brows using an angled brush and pressed powder (similar color as the pencil). Don’t fill the inside corners of your brows too much, or make the end points too harsh.
  4. Brush through with a spoolie upwards and outwards. This will help blend the look making it more natural.
  5. Use coloured brow gel to set the hairs in place.
  6. Finally, define the look with concealer under your arch.
    At Oscar De La Renta, full natural brows stood out as hair was sleek and tied back

How to get natural bold brows

  1. Be strong and say goodbye to your tweezers for at least 12 weeks. The natural cycle for eyebrow growth is 3 to 4 months, so be patient.
  2. Use natural oils to help your brows grow. E.g. Massage a few drops of black castor oil onto your eyebrows with your fingertips. Leave for 30 minutes, wipe with a makeup remover, and wash your face with warm water.  OR use coconut oil instead. Use a cotton swab to apply the coconut oil onto your eyebrows. Keep it on overnight. Rinse with a face wash in the morning.
  3. Use a spoolie to brush hair up and out everyday to help them grow.