Around Egypt in 100 Days

Ali Abdo & the 100 Egypt Campaign

Prominent 34-year-old motorcyclist Ali Abdo will be making history later this year when he embarks on the, first-ever, electric motorcycle trip around Egypt. With his mind set on breaking world records and making it into the Guinness Book of World Records, Abdo is literally going places, namely to all 27 of Egypt’s governorates. eniGma’s Ezz Al-Turkey caught up with Abdo to discuss his life on the road and his passion for motorcycling.

After initially graduating from the Faculty of Physical Education, Ali Abdo steered towards a career in the field of Information Technology.  Explaining the start of his interest in motorcycles, he recounts, “I was doing my IT work remotely from home and was feeling really bored. In response to this boredom, around 2013 I started to become fascinated with motorcycles. I did a lot of research on different types of motorcycles and then I bought my first motorcycle. Eventually, I started joining groups of motorcyclists.  It took a lot of time and training to improve my riding skills and to get to the level I am at today.”

Abdo is currently planning for his “100 Egypt” campaign, whereby he would travel throughout the country in 100 days, shedding light on all the beautiful places in Egypt while also breaking motorcycling records. “I’ve actually visited all of Egypt’s 27 governorates in 15 days before, and that really opened my eyes to things I had never seen before. But I didn’t get to experience each governorate as much as I wanted to, which is what I hope to do this time with 100 Egypt. I want to educate people about our country and allow them to see Egypt in a way they’ve never seen it before. I’m excited to show fellow Egyptians all the beautiful places we have right at our fingertips,” says Abdo, who is excited about doing something for the greater good with this campaign.

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, Abdo has had to hold off the 100 Egypt campaign for the time being. He hopes he will be able to kick it off in August or September, when conditions improve.  In the meantime, this coming June he is looking forward to breaking the world record for the Longest Distance Driven by An Electric Motorcycle in 24 Hours. “The point of this first mini-trip is to educate people about going green and environmental sustainability. At the same time I will be highlighting the electric motorcycle that I’ll be using. I really want the message about keeping our planet clean to reach all 100 million Egyptians,” says Abdo.

In conclusion, Abdo exclaims, “I’ve visited every place in Egypt, but I can’t wait to see it all again. I especially want to revisit the Temple of Abu Simbel in Luxor, which I came across by sheer coincidence on my first trip around Egypt. I was absolutely blown away by its history and how it was rebuilt in its current location. It blew me away and I can’t wait to go back.”