Injy El Mokkaddem

The charming Injy El Mokkaddem started out as a talk show host, then slowly, but surely, took her place as a critically acclaimed actress in supporting roles in popular TV series, such as Soqoot Hor (Freefall), 30 Youm (30 Days), La Totfe’ Al Shams (Don’t Turn Out the Sun), and most recently in last Ramadan’s […]

The Red Sea Mountain Trail

For decades, Egypt’s Red Sea has attracted travellers from all corners of the globe with its colourful reefs, sandy beaches and electrifying nightlife. Yet, deeply tucked away in the Sinai landscape unbeknownst to many, are some majestic mountains, charming gorges and an impressive desert scape, home to the Khushman bedouin tribe. The area is now […]

Egypt’s Hidden Gems

With far flung destinations no longer seeming so far away thanks to the internet and social media, everyone seems to have a long bucket list full of dream places around the world that they’d like to visit. But how about visiting places closer to home that are likely to be easier to get to and […]

Cycling Around Stereotypes

Not many people manage to follow their passion.  But when someone actually does, the sense of achievement is exhilarating and suddenly everything seems possible! Hamsa Mansour is one of those lucky few. She had a dream of cycling solo around Egypt and she fulfilled her dream against many odds. Ignoring societal taboos against a woman […]

Hidden Gems Around The World

When you have more frequent flyer miles than you can count, have eaten at the best restaurants and have partied at the hottest nightclubs around the world, then you my friend, are a certified jet setter. But when you’ve visited all the popular spots around the globe, things can get repetitive, which is why jetsetters […]

A Walk through History Must-Visit Museums in Cairo

Cairo is an amazing destination for visitors seeking to soak up the cultural wonders of Egypt, from Pharaonic antiquities to Islamic Cairo with its myriad historic mosques and madrasas, to the unique architecture of Coptic churches in old Cairo.  Meanwhile, Cairo is also home to an abundance of museums that house an unbelievably rich trove […]

Travco Rocks The Pyramids

For more than three decades, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have toured the world and performed their iconic songs to thousands of international fans. Yet on the 15th of March, 2019, the rock band gave one of their most unforgettable performances, when Egypt’s Travco Group brought the American band to the Great Pyramids of Giza. […]