A Timeless Icon

Angham is undisputedly a giant in the music industry, one of the most loved and respected singers in Egypt and the Arab world. The daughter of a veteran musician and composer, she was raised in a musical family, so it was no surprise that music and performing came naturally to her. A Bachelor of Music Laureate, award-winning musician, and timeless icon, Angham is what any aspiring musician looks forward to becoming, and eniGma’s own Rawya Lamei, starstruck, had the pleasure of speaking with this superstar.

Throughout her childhood, Angham was schooled in music and encouraged to pursue a career in music which she looks at as a vocation. She first enrolled at the music conservatory in Cairo where she spent eight years, then at the Arabic Music Institute, where she perfected playing the Oud as well as the piano, adding another main instrument to her repertoire. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Eastern Music. Angham also began her singing career while at university. Alongside her studies, she realised she loved singing and began performing on stage and in concerts, and even released a few albums. Angham added that she adored singing and music in general, and takes immense pleasure in absolutely anything remotely related to music.

Today, Angham is one of the foremost singers in the Middle East, known for her beautiful and versatile voice. She finds tremendous enjoyment performing on stage as well as recording in the studio. “Each of these experiences has its own taste,” says Angham, adding that, regardless of context, performing is one of the greatest experiences for her. She loves seeing the audience interact and sing along with her. “When I see the audience having a good time, it gives me this massive confidence boost. Seeing them interact with me makes me extremely happy,” she explains.

Angham has worked with some of the greatest musicians and producers in the Arab region. She particularly values her collaborations with the late Tarek Akef, Tarek Madkour, and Walid Fayed; composers who have had a great impact on the music industry in the Arab World. Angham considers her long association with the late Tarek Akef as the most pivotal in her career, and an important part of the success she has achieved. Akef was definitely an icon gone too soon in 2020, and Angham remembers her time and work with him fondly. Composer Tarek Madkour, who produced the score for many successful movies, including Morgan Ahmed Morgan and Hammam In Amsterdam, is another composer she has shared many successes with. The same goes for Walid Fayed, who is yet another big composer that she has loved to work with, and who has been a true colleague to her as well as a great friend for a very long time.

Two albums come to Angham’s mind when she is asked about which of her works are closest to her heart: Omry Maak and Bahebek Wahashtini. While most people would instantly think of her hit song Sidi Wesalak, released in her 2001 album Leih Sebtaha, as one of her most iconic moments, she believes that one of the most important moments in her career was the release of Omry Maak in 2003, which became a fan favourite, and which contains many of the iconic songs she is famous for, including the title track itself. The album Bahebek Wahashtini, released in 2005, is another one of Angham’s most powerful releases.

Angham has been singing for over two decades, and continues to be one of the biggest names in music, keeping ahead of the competition. Her popularity seems to grow with every new release. No matter how old you are, you most certainly know Angham, and that’s because she’s always making the effort to improve herself as an artist. She continues to bring something new to the table, constantly innovating in the music industry and elevating her performance to even higher levels.

Arguably, she owes this continuous success to her increasing familiarity with music and with herself; her music keeps on getting more and more mature along with her. As to her singing style and its evolution throughout the years, Angham says, “As time goes by, you get more and more in touch with yourself and understand yourself better. You know what suits you better than when you’ve just started; and you discover the styles you feel comfortable with. I always feel that there’s another step further that I can take to better myself as an artist. Just as in life, I like to wear comfortable clothes. When it comes to music, I like to ‘wear’ what reflects my personality,” so it comes as absolutely no surprise that her fans never tire of her, and become all the more loyal to her as time goes by.

Never taking her success for granted, or basking in the fact that she’s “made it,” Angham’s modesty clearly plays a big part in her staying power. “I’ve never thought to myself that I’ve made it. I’m scared to even say it. I feel like if I do say it, it would be the end of my career,” she says with typical shyness. It is true that we’ve seen a significant amount of beloved artists lose their popularity throughout the years, many of them one-hit-wonders, but Angham appears to be very aware of that and is avoiding it. She continues to grow her repertoire, to work on herself, and it has very clearly paid off.

The last album that Angham released was Mazh, in 2020, which her fans loved. The Khaleegi twist to the music in this album is something we’ve never seen before from Angham, and was definitely a treat for all of us. It proves that she goes the extra mile to innovate and that she is truly enamored by music in all of its shapes and forms, which is the key mark to a truly great musician. More recently, in early 2022, she released her hit single Loha Bahta, never letting her fans down and giving us something new regularly. By the end of our conversation, she mentioned that she is currently working on a brand new album. “There’s a rather big preparation in the works, and I’m working with people whom I’ve never worked with before as well as other artists that I’ve gotten used to working with in the past that I’m generally really comfortable working with,” she reveals. Amongst the poets, composers, and producers that Angham is currently working with to make her new album, it shouldn’t be too long before her loyal fans get to enjoy more of her music, and we haven’t a single doubt that it’s going to be wonderful.

Angham has received many accolades and awards during her career, and eniGma is proud to have presented her with its own award for Excellence in the Music Entertainment Industry in 2017 at our Celebration of Arab Glamour and Success in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. “I’m always extremely happy to collaborate with eniGma,” says our award-winner adding, “It is a magazine that carries a lot of weight in the industry. I’m always looking forward to being present at eniGma’s events, and working with eniGma in general.”

Our team here at eniGma, is proud of this appreciation by the Arab superstar. We are absolutely enthralled and always so eager to work with her.